Braddon can be better

Compared to most of Australia and the world, Braddon and Tasmania have an amazing combination of natural resources, stable climate, proximity to major populations and people with ingenuity who love where they live.

But there are two dramatically different stories of Braddon – the successes, achievements and accolades, and the struggles, hardships and inter-generational problems. It is difficult to reconcile that the setting for these stories is the same, because the reality for people living in each is so very different.

What exists in Braddon is reflected across Tasmania. Our place is home to award-winning produce, beautiful landscapes, rich natural resources, clean air, motivated businesses, and lifestyle opportunities that people in other places aspire to achieve. It is also home to some of the country’s worst statistics in adult literacy rates, educational attainment, chronic disease and youth unemployment.

It is a reality that Braddon cannot fully realise its potential while so many people face such significant challenges.  Equally true is that Braddon’s strengths and its potential are our biggest opportunities to improve the experiences of those living here.

Solutions exist in ideas, policies and initiatives that create or expand linkages between these two stories of Tasmania and help to deliver a more consistent, strengthened whole.

The challenge, which is achievable, is to continue to strive to be better and elevate all people in this place, and to not lower our expectations and definitions of what makes Braddon, and Tasmania, so special.