Building our workforce of the future

Roger’s media release outlines how a re-elected majority Liberal Government will build Tasmania’s workforce of the future

Helping more young people into apprenticeships and traineeships is not only good for their self-esteem and personal development, but it is also building Tasmania’s workforce of the future.

In less than 4 years a Hodgman majority Liberal Government has delivered more than 10,000 new jobs and we are determined to do more to support Tasmanians into work.

A re-elected majority Liberal Government will deliver two new initiatives to support more young Tasmanians into an apprenticeship or traineeship – extended payroll relief for bigger companies and employment grants for smaller businesses.

These initiatives are part of our Plan to take Tasmania to the next level, and will support around 4500 more young Tasmanians into work.

Balance Builders is a great example of Tasmania’s booming economy. Started by Dylan Burnie just 3 years ago it now consists of Dylan and 2 apprentices and, thanks to our new $5000 grant policy and a strong economy, he is now looking at employing another apprentice in the near future.

A re-elected majority Liberal Government will provide grants of up to $5000 to encourage small businesses, which don’t pay payroll tax, to take on an apprentice or trainee in growth areas of our economy.

We will also extend our successful Payroll Tax Rebate Scheme for apprentices and trainees to 2021, but with a new, targeted focus on where there are skill shortages in our economy, such as the construction sector, advanced manufacturing, tourism and hospitality.

It is anticipated the extended payroll scheme will support an additional 3000 young Tasmanians into work.

This new funding builds on the success of the $2 million pilot scheme in our most recent Budget which has already been extended, so far supporting around 1200 young Tasmanians into work.

The additional funding for small businesses will support around 1500 new apprenticeships and traineeships, and ensure local small business can access the skilled workers they need to grow.

These new policies are all part of our Plan to Build Your Future and take Tasmania to the next level, and support a number of our new targets, including to lower the youth unemployment rate to at least the national average.