Third best ever month for Tasmanian jobs

Over 10,000 jobs have been created since the Hodgman Government was elected in March 2014

The number of jobs in Tasmania is holding steady at near record levels according to ABS data released today.

In October this year, 245,300 Tasmanians were working, just short of the record set in August this year of 245,600 jobs.

That means that since the Hodgman Government was elected well over 10,000 jobs have been created.

To put that another way, nearly eight jobs have been created on average each and every single day since the election.

Jobs growth in Tasmania for the last 12 months is the second best of any state in the country and above the national average.

Contrary to the claims of Labor and the unions, the number of full time jobs under the Hodgman Government has actually increased, although there is still more to do to create more full time jobs.

Under the last Labor-Green Government, 3,300 full time jobs disappeared and the unemployment rate peaked at well over eight per cent and in the depths of the Labor-Green recession, 10,000 jobs were lost overall.

There is still more to do though.  That’s why the budget included a $25 million jobs package.

That’s why we have also outlined ambitious targets to have the lowest unemployment rate of all states by 2022.